Why choose us for your tour ?

At Seru Adventure Safaris, we are passionate about Africa and sharing its beauty and wonder with the world.
Our experienced team of travel experts is committed to designing tours that showcase the very best of East Africa's landscapes, wildlife, and cultural heritage.
We take pride in offering our clients an authentic, immersive, and personalized safari experience that they will remember for a lifetime.
Our tours cover a diverse range of activities and destinations, from gorilla tracking and wildlife safaris to cultural tours and adventure activities.
We operate in some of the most breathtaking national parks and reserves in East Africa, including Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks, among others.
At Seru Adventure Safaris, we are committed to responsible tourism and sustainable travel practices. We work closely with local communities to ensure that our tours have a positive impact on the environment,
wildlife, and local people. By choosing to travel with us, you are not only experiencing the trip of a lifetime but also contributing to the conservation efforts and sustainable development of the areas we visit. Thank you for choosing Seru Adventure Safaris, and we look forward to sharing our love of Africa with you.

About Us.

Seru Adventure Safaris is a licensed Ugandan tour company specializing in tailored itineraries for individuals and groups across Africa, including Uganda and Rwanda. Our journeys encompass 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves, 5 Community Wildlife Management Areas, and 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries, revealing East Africa's captivating beauty. Committed to responsible tourism, we collaborate with local communities for conservation. Our strong dedication extends to supporting children's welfare organizations, with the majority of our income directed towards their benefit. Our diverse tours offer gorilla tracking, birding, culture, adventure, and community experiences. Seru Adventure Safaris blends exploration with positive impact, creating unforgettable memories and contributing to the destinations we explore.

Travel Plans

Below are a our travel plans for different days.

Lake Mburo & Queen Elizabeth National Park Adventure.

Experience the thrill of wildlife encounters, boat cruises, and chimpanzee tracking while staying at comfortable lodges. Enjoy the beauty of the Ugandan landscapes and wildlife on this unforgettable adventure

Lake Mburo & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Embark on Uganda's wild side wildlife, boat cruises, chimp tracking, gorilla trekking, and nature retreats. Embrace wonders, forge cherished memories in nature's embrace.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Bwindi is a renowned national park in Uganda, celebrated for endangered mountain gorillas, lush rainforests, and unforgettable gorilla trekking experiences in the heart of Africa.

Kidepo Valley National Park & the Source of the Nile

Kidepo Valley National Park, mainly in northern Uganda, extends to the northeast. It's a remote gem with rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife, lions, elephants, giraffes—spotted on game drives and walks.

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